Yaquis Baseball Stadium

Construction begins

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With approximately 300 employees, including architects, engineers, workers and more, at the end of December 2014 began the construction of the Yaquis Stadium. Today, with an increase of 25% construction, day to day works so that in September 2015, will be ready for the baseball fans.

Located in Cajeme, Sonora, based in Ciudad Obregon, the Yaquis Baseball Stadium emerged as a new sports center that will have a big impact, a new icon within the city alluding to the Yaqui tribe.

The stadium is in conjunction with areas for trade and multiple services, with future perimeter roadways of 14m. The main access is located on the top of the property. The complex includes: club house for local and visitor teams, VIP parking lot, services, field with bullpen and dugouts. On lobby level there is a access to general and VIP stands, bleachers and boxes, vertical circulations that uproots from level basement, franchise store, souvenir's shop, nursery and Hall of Fame; on the level of VIP suites have 32 suites, bathrooms and services areas. Then, 3 media areas and a terrace for special events.

The project was developed taking into account the importance of the baseball franchise in Mexico as well as the support of their great fans and followers with the intention of improving the facilities of the Yaquis Stadium, completely transforming their "home".