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During this year, the Mayor of Managua, Nicaragua, announced the bid for "Design, Construction and Equipment of New National Baseball Stadium City of Managua, Nicaragua", being Gomez Vazquez International part of the winner team for design. The development team is also integrated by Dynamica, MECO, Llansa, Lacayo Fiallos, NAP and D’ Guerrero Ingenierías.

Using as a concept the crater lakes Asososca, Nejapa, Tiscapa, Acahualinca, at the great lake Xolotlán born the spectacular design of the National Stadium in Managua, Nicaragua, in which the main theme integrates water, so that the cover that was designed as a surround of the stands, representing the lakes mentioned above.

Located in Managua, Nicaragua, National Baseball Stadium of Managua will position in the international arena in the field of architecture as well as in sports infrastructure, it is designed under standards of Major League Baseball, so it’s possible realization of games with Major League teams, and also, receive the Caribbean Series, hosting teams of all America.

The stadium is located in a privileged part of the city, adjacent to main roads which will be the entrances to the stadium. Overall, the field house a stadium with a footprint of 35,539.00 m2, built with capacity for 15,000 seated spectators, 4,000 at Berm Field and possible growth to 25,000 spectators. It will also have large green areas and a park of 1,000 cars and 50 buses. It also has the Club House Local and visiting clubhouse, parking, services and field with their bullpen and Dugouts.

The project is the result of a great connection of design-environment, as it will have great views from the balconies to the lake, which will be under the deck that crowns the stadium.

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