Join us today and see what a difference you can make.

If you think you fit into the Firm vision and values, then you are the person we are looking for join the best team.

Why would you love to work at GVI?

1. The Projects

GVI provides the tools for designing projects in national and international platforms, in which we create experiences for our clients and end users.

2. Worldwide platforms

Because we are a firm with an international scope, we have the opportunity to design for new markets, expanding our architecture firm’s horizons, modeling and adapting our projects to each urban scene’s needs.

3. My Co-workers, quality time

With more than 100 staff members working in our 5 offices – Guadalajara, Mexico City, Panama, San Antonio and Miami – the working environment is distinguished for the passion, audacity and pride for each of the projects we do, working with people that enjoys what they do, turns working hours in quality time and non-stop learning.

4. The value of Talent

This is a firm that generates status and value to my professional career, resulting from the projects’ dimensions, multicultural team and abilities learned inside the company.

5. The Long Weekends

With the opportunity of closing the working week on Friday we work half day, we get more time for doing recreational and amusement activities to keep moving and find the creative solutions that require each project.

6. The thrive to keep getting better

As a result of being exposed to projects that require more and better knowledge, being in constant learning drives and improves my performance inside and out the firm.

7. The Oportunities of getting a promotion

Being part of a firm with international vision gives me the opportunity of personal and professional growth, increasing my responsibilities, but always receiving satisfaction for the work done inside and out of it.

Open Positions

Innovation Architect

Be contemporary implicates a continuous process that involves ability to research aesthetic trends, innovation and renewable resources.
We are looking fore someone who optimize resources and maximize results.
You must love tecnology and have research aptitudes for finding new and original ways to improve designs.

Lead Architect

We are looking for upper-level building professionals who head design projects.
You must think analytically and make decisions, including meeting with clients to discuss budgeting and structural specifications.
Teamwork orientation and 7+ years leading projects.

Lead Landscape Architect

This position require to recognize the relation between the built and natural environments.
Other disciplines you must have expertise are landscape design, landscape planning, landscape management, urban design, ecology and innovation.
The position requires have aptitudes for team activities, especially collaborative work.


Where in the world do we work?



Miami is a major center, and a leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade.

Austin / San Antonio


The growth of our firm has facilitated an expansion into new markets, which requires an ongoing analysis of our clients in these areas—their lifestyles, habits and needs. The key to gaining a comprehensive understanding of these components is proximity, so we’ve established an office in Austin / San Antonio, allowing us to provide better care and service to our clients in each of our areas of expertise.

Panama City


Latin America and the Caribbean are constantly changing and evolving in areas such as tourism, real estate development and lifestyle/culture. As such, our presence in Panama has helped us successfully meet the needs of our customers, resulting in projects that have a perfect balance of design, functionality and aesthetics.

Mexico City


Our Mexico City-based firm is comprised of a team of professionals led by Architect Juan Pablo Vazquez. Each and every member of GVI strives to accomplish the firm’s most important value: Personalized attention. It’s for this reason that we opened our offices in Mexico City 13 years ago, enabling the firm to have closest proximity to the center and south of the country.



Guadalajara it’s the city where we were born as an architecture firm, is why our Headquarters are located in this beautiful city.

This location allows us to serve not only our local customers but also two of the most developed areas in Mexico: El Bajio and Northern Mexico. Plus, we are just a short 3-hour flight from the rest of GVI’s offices.